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  • Injury Evaluation
  • Licensed Physical Therapists
  • Med Flex Spending Accounts
  • Reimbursements from Most Insurance Companies
  • The Most Advanced Rehab Equipment
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"We treat and train world class athletes... just think what we can do for you!"
-- Walter K. Theis, M.D., Medical Director, VERT Sports Therapy

VERT’s exercise machines are ideal for rehabilitation and physical therapy due to the continuous computer monitoring and modification of the resistance for injured clients. VERT is prominently used by physical therapy patients to hasten and enhance their recovery:

VERT rehab sessions are functional sessions whereby workouts are performed in incrementally safe and efficient steps and stages. This allows the individual to get the most from their workout while preventing them from pushing beyond their capabilities, thereby preventing re-injury.

VERT rehab sessions allow the therapists to condition the client’s body while nurturing and therapizing the injured body part.

VERT therapy sessions are designed to minimize post-session fatigue or stiffness.

Each rehab session is completely programmable by the therapist, allowing total customization of the session to the client’s specific situation, injury, and needs.

With VERT rehab, there is a computerized database of each session, This allows the therapist and the referring doctor to compare progress over the course of treatment.

Comprehensive data and graphs are stored and can be reprinted for therapists, the client’s doctors, or insurance companies.

The resistance accommodates the capacity and limitations of the injury. As a result, the system automatically increases power and work output as the injured area becomes stronger and has less pain.

Licensed Physical Therapist, Third party reimbursement
from most major insurance companies.


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